About capturing your animal's soul

You are attracted by the joy and endless love of a dog, or the independent and sometimes comical nature of a cat, or the strength, spirit and beauty of the horse. You have 101 reasons to share your life with these animals.
  •  Your pets are a constant source of joy and entertainment, and you may spend more time than you would admit watching funny or cute animal videos ...
  •  Animals are part of your family - you have shared your home and your life with them for as long as you can remember.
  •  No matter what your favourite pet is - whether it's a dog, cat, horse or anything else, or all, you appreciate each animal for its unique personality and the unconditional love they care about.
  • You don't need a study to tell you that animals are intelligent and have feelings.
  • When you see a particular animal, does it remind you of the joy and laughter of past times with a cherished pet?
Hello, my name is Pascale Vanbutsele, and I live in Belgium, 22 km from Brussels. I am a self-taught visual artist and enjoy drawing and painting animals, especially dogs, cats and horses.
The appreciative reactions I got when I first started showing my artworks were heartwarming. What I cherished most was that with this skill I can finally, after 26 years of stressful office jobs, create something unique to give you pleasure. By creating a custom artwork for you, it is my honour to bring you joy, celebrate the important moments in your life with your pet, remind you of the fun moments with him or her and put a smile on your face.

When you buy something from an artist,
you buy more than a work of art.
You buy many hours of experimenting,
starting over and over again,
months of searching and a moment of happiness.
So you don't just buy something,
you buy a piece of heart and soul ...
A little bit of someone's life!

Why is the website called Belgian Dogs?

I started this website in the summer of 2017, shortly after my father died, to continue selling his books which are self-published under the name of Belgian Dogs Publications. Through his books, I have gotten to know so many people around the world who are passioned about dogs and Belgian dog breeds in particular. Without their warm support, I would never have started my art career. So in memory of my father and in honour of all his supporters who have now become my supporters, I have decided to keep this name for now.