Geschiedenis van de Brusselse griffon, de Belgische griffon en het Klein Brabandertje
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Dutch book. The breed history and coat colour genetics of the Brussels griffon, the Belgian griffon and the Petit Brabançon.


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This book, dedicated to the history of the Brussels griffon, the Belgian griffon and the Petit Brabançon, is the result of extensive documentary research. It highlights and pays tribute to the personalities who contributed to the birth and evolution of the varieties of the breed.

The book is extensively illustrated. Paintings and drawings by animal artists Alexandre Clarys, Sophie Pir and a few others have been saved from oblivion. Enthusiasts will find here the successive breed standards from the first published in 1889 to the most recent from 2003. A study of the genetics of coat colours and texture completes the work.

132 pages, colour images, ISBN 978-9-0827532-6-4

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Liliane Verswyvel - 07-06-2019 18:52

Eindelijk een goed boek ook mooie foto's

Nicole - 05-06-2019 21:46

Interessant om te lezen over de geschiedenis van deze rassen. Leuk boek om te hebben en te lezen als eigenaar van deze fantastische hondjes!