Coat colours of the Belgian Shepherd

Coat colours of the Belgian Shepherd
Coat colours of the Belgian Shepherd
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The breed history of the varieties and coat colour genetics of the Belgian Shepherd Dog.


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This book presents, in a simple and structured way, a study on coat colours and textures. It takes into account recent results obtained by molecular genetics. There is also a chapter on matings between the different varieties. Illustrated examples make it easier to understand. The standardised nomenclature for coat colours in dogs is also included.

This in-depth study is preceded by a summary of the historical evolution of the Belgian Shepherd Dog varieties since the foundation of the first club in 1891. The five periods in the history of the Belgian Shepherd and the seven Breed Standards are reviewed. Putting history and coat colour genetics side by side makes interesting food for thought.

112 pages, colour images, ISBN 978-9-0827532-5-7

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Carol Morris - 09-09-2018 21:09

I have just started reading it, but have scanned through it and it looks very informative.

Sue Nielsen - 04-08-2018 22:14

Coat colours of the Belgian Shepherd arrived promptly and in good condition. The book is very readable. It generally confirmed what I had learned from other sources and added some new information as well. I'm waiting to see if the Embark Belgian Shepherd project confirms the absence of an aw (wild sable) allele in our breed. Or whether we'll have to keep looking for the elusive "sand with black overlay" gene.

Angela McCalla - 19-07-2018 03:11

I really appreciate the book's detailed descriptions of the early coloration of the breed. The dog world politics of the time also played a role in the development of the breed, and those are also touched on. The photos are wonderful and the book is a treasure.

Susan Davis - 01-07-2018 13:00

This is an excellent in depth easy to understand explanation of the Belgian Coat Colours. The pictures provided a nice illustration of topics being reviewed. I highly recommend this book.