About Jean-Marie Vanbutsele

In memoriam
Jean-Marie Vanbutsele, historian of the Belgian Shepherd dog
11 September 1941 – 29 May 2017

In June 1982 Jean-Marie Vanbutsele, an accountant, and his family acquired their first dog from a farmer in a neighbouring village. Lady (ASLH 33186) was a Malinois puppy and she had a working bloodline background. But at that moment he was ignorant of both facts. He took the dog to puppy class and discovered that she was really intelligent and he wanted to know more about this breed. Jean-Marie and Lady became inseparable. Although she didn’t have any pedigree papers, he took her to shows to obtain the necessary documentation through merit. It is during those years that he became acquainted with the Belgian dog world and its ‘inhabitants’. He became involved. He learned about the different factions of the Belgian Shepherd club scene and the frictions. He wanted to understand why things were that way and so his research into the history of the breed began.